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What is Commute Green New Hampshire?

Commute Green New Hampshire is encouraging people like you to choose environmentally-friendly, healthy and economical transportation options rather than driving your car alone. By encouraging our friends, family and coworkers to rethink their commutes, we’ll keep New Hampshire green and our roads free of unnecessary congestion. CGNH is a partnership of businesses, schools, transit providers, regional planners and other volunteers leading the effort.

CGNH is an activism effort of the simplest kind. Share your experience with others. Put simply, our goal is: Commute Green, New Hampshire!

What is the Statewide Challenge?

The Statewide Challenge is a competition to encourage all of us to continue Commute Green throughout the year. Each year we set a goal for the challenge, which begins with National Bike to Work Week (third week of May) and continues through December 31st. Compete against other individuals on your team, encourage your team to compete against others or just do it because you want to!

The Statewide Challenge typically kicks off during National Bike/Walk to Work Week, but you don’t have to be a biker to get started! We’ll also have a presence for other green commuting efforts like Carpool Week, Try Transit Week, and more.

To get you warmed up for the Statewide Challenge and logging all of those trips, we want you to take the Don’t Drive 1 in 5 Pledge starting April 1st. This pledge commits that you’ll begin building green habits in the six weeks leading up to the start of the Challenge. While you’re making the pledge, convince a friend or coworker to do the same.

Why Should I Participate?

Could you or someone you know use an extra $12 in your wallet every day? Replacing a 40-mile round-trip commute through carpooling, you can save at least that much. A commute by bicycling, walking, transit, or telecommuting can help your wallet even more and puts even fewer cars on the road. All of these efforts help preserve our road condition, saves us taxpayer dollars, and you vacation money!

By participating you’re also doing your part to preserve New Hampshire’s other green asset – the environment! For those who are able to make their trips by biking or walking, they also keep you looking and feeling good.

The best way to participate is to stick with your Commute Green habit and encourage your friends and coworkers to join you.

If you’d like to do more, we can always use more volunteers to sustain this effort year after year! Send an email to and let us know that you want to get involved in our group. We meet once a month in Concord, and there is the opportunity to participate by teleconference. Thank you!